5 Questions To Ask Of Any Health And Fitness Fad

At this time of year the media is littered with fitness and diet information, eager to feed the masses of people who over indulge over the festive period and are looking to get in shape for summer. However there are so many choices and so many conflicting arguments: Eat less calories – Don’t count calories, Exercise 6 times per week – twice per week will suffice, Weight training is crucial – Weight training will bulk you, Aerobics classes are a must – Aerobic training is overrated….Its no wonder people are confused. With that in mind I wanted to write a short article that breaks down all of the nonsense, all of the hokus pokus and gives you simple facts that you can use as a reference to any fitness craze you might be about to embark on.1)
Is it actually possible to “lose 2 stone in 4 weeks” or to “drop a dress size in 3 hours” are these statements founded in truth? Does the company have evidence to back this up? Any organisation whether it be a gym, a slimming club, a personal trainer etc should have an ample list of testimonials with pictures. If someones service works then they should not have a problem proving it2)
Did my grandparents have access to this? Seems like a strange statement but bear with me. If the fitness product or diet etc was not around when your grandparents were young then stay away from it. Our elder generations had lower rates of obesity, Heart problems and a higher life expectancy (Taking away infant mortality and war) to name just a few. Foods containing ingredients you cant pronounce and machines that would not look out of place in Star Trek are new inventions and our bodies do not know how to cope with them. Body weight exercises and walking however have been around as long as we have.3)
Spot reduction is impossible (for the most part) Any product or practitioner promising to take inches away from a certain area of the body are bending the truth. The only way to control where our body stores fat (E.g the back of the arm or the waist) is to address any hormonal imbalance that is encouraging the storage of fat in that area. A machine that blasts your abs or zaps your Arms, or any exercise you are told will reduce fat in a certain area, does not affect the hormonal system enough to change anything. Hormonal balance requires lifestyle changes, diet changes, exercise changes and stress reduction, Not the Ab crunch 3000.4)
Perfection kills momentum. Sometimes pouring over a fitness magazine confusing yourself about what ratio of fat to carbohydrates you should be eating, or exactly how many seconds rest you should take between burst intervals, is not the best thing to do. Sure you should do some research on the class, diet etc you are about to start, But sometimes its best to just get out there and start. By the time you have decided exactly what fitness regimen you are going to go on, you have talked yourself out of it. No more deliberating or excuse making, Start now.5)
Motivation is external but motivation is internal. I know that I can motivate any client to exercise and push themselves to the limit, and I know I can motivate someone to live a healthier lifestyle, But, It takes inspiration from within to facilitate these changes. If your not totally focused on achieving your health and fitness goal it doesn’t matter what fitness service or diet you start… It wont work.If you want a formula that actually works book an appointment with a local personal trainer and start seeing results.

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Read Health and Fitness Magazines to Quickly Get Back Into Shape

Inactivity is among the major causes of rising obesity among young Americans. However, the sad part is that majority of them don’t actually know the reason for their bulging bellies. This makes it nearly impossible to effectively address the problem both for the patients as well as the doctors. Lack of accurate information about your own body can often prove fatal. And why should you remain ignorant if acquiring sufficient knowledge is as simple as reading a magazine?Health and Fitness magazines are not just meant for bodybuilders and athletes. On the contrary, magazines like Shape, Weight Watchers, Muscle & Fitness, etc. are as important to the sportspeople as to the average Joes and Janes. The useful information that you get from these magazines is unparalleled. Take for instance, issues like proper gym instructions, latest in gym instruments, ideal body weight, causes and effects of sudden weight gain/loss etc. are something that you should be aware of if you have weight concerns to address.Irrespective of your age and gender, getting back into shape is something that all of you should aim for. It’s vital not just for your personality, but also for your health. Accumulated body fat is one of the major causes of potentially fatal ailments, like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and multiple organ failure. It’s here that importance of health and fitness magazines is realized.Another area where these magazines are a must read is sports. The athletes and other sportspeople have to endure extreme physical conditions and need proper conditioning and nurturing of their bodies. Knowing the requirements and limitations of their bodies is the first prerequisite for any sports personality. In this regard, health and fitness magazines are their first source of this vital information.

How To Enjoy A Cheap, But Valuable Holiday

When most people think holidays, they think money. The fact is that you will need to spend some good money for a good holiday experience, especially when you have to travel outside your country or locality. However, such holidays are always worth it, especially when you have selected a destination that you love. What most people however don’t know is that they can still enjoy cheap affordable holidays in their preferred destinations. Here is how you can enjoy a cheap, but valuable holiday in a destination of your choice.Choose your travel time carefully Going against the crowds can be one of the easiest ways to enjoy cheap stays in your destination. Fewer crowds mean cheaper accommodation, travel deals and cheaper passes to different attractions. When looking at the travel time, however, also make sure you are okay with the number of places you can visit and the kind of activities you can enjoy during your selected period.Choose holiday packages When most of the holiday items are put together, the prices tend to come down. There are travel companies that offer fantastic holiday packages that will even include your transport, accommodation and tours around the destination. Compare the travel packages available to you and choose one you feel will be most suitable for your pocket and holiday expectations. You will be surprised by just how much you can save when you land a good holiday package.Choose free activities The fact is destinations have their top attractions and activities calling tourists and visitors from all over the world. To enjoy them you will need to pay an amount. However, some of these attractions and activities can be enjoyed for free. Travelling at the right time or having a pass can give you the chance to enjoy some of the best things in your destination for free. Find out the free things you can enjoy in your destination and then make a schedule for the holiday stay to see and do as much as possible while staying within your holiday budget limits.Choose places to visit and things to do A list of places you wish to visit and things you wish to do can come in handy in helping you manage your finances. This is because depending on how much you are willing to spend during the holidays, you can select the most important or relevant attractions and activities to enjoy during the stay. This way you can take in the best of the place without spending too much.Choose affordable accommodation Holidays are meant to be most enjoyable and relaxing and accommodation plays an important role in this. However, any accommodation can be just as relaxing if it has the basics you need to enjoy a stay. You can sacrifice some of the luxuries you can do without and save some money during the holiday. You can direct the money to other important aspects of the holidays to make sure you get the very best of the destination by the time it is time to leave.